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♥ Greetings loves. ♥

A short introduction.
I adore Kyo. Simply. Their style is unique, and Ben has amazing vocals... I admire his range. I currently own two CD's, and hope to build up my collection completely... once I make enough money to do so. Hello everyone!

★ Now onward, to pressing matters. ★
I've recently joined this community, in the hopes of seeking out some help.

I've taken at least 3 levels of French, though... As much as I hate to admit it, my language skills aren't fluid. Translating song lyrics takes a very long time... and in the end, I'm still stuck on three or four words. Babelfish and Free Translation only help so much in this matter... So, Here is my question.

Does anyone know where I could find Lyrics translated into English?
Or in the least, of a forum where I could seek answers to this question?

Many apologies if this sort of asking isn't permitted.
And... Many thanks, in advance.
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