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Hey, i guess i'm a new member...

by the by, anyone got a place on the net to stream the qui je suis vdeo? can;t download it due to space (bleh)

err about me?

-male (I have a sneaking suspicion I am the only one here...)
-likes music such as:
-the decemberists
-the new pornographers
-the unicorns
-Iron and Wine
-Thunderbirds are now!
-Malajube (french Canadian and awesome if you wanna check them out)
-and of course kyo.. as much as it contradicts my other musical tastes, but hey, why stick to one type of music?
-see interests for more
-oh and if translations are needed (i think someone has already stepped forward though) I should able to help, though my grammar is a little spotty (I USED to speak the language fluently, it aint as good as it used to be, but french immersion has kept it at an alright level)

sooo hi i guess!

(any suggestions of french bands in the same vein as Kyo?)
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